A nationwide not-for-profit company has launched their outdoor fundraisers into a new indoor personal development programme to kick-start their success for the year. The national fundraising charity, who employ several hundred people to collect on behalf of charities such as Oxfam and SightSavers nationwide, have been taking their team-leaders through their paces.
The launch of their new company identity last year has now been followed by specially designed workshops to develop the skills of dozens of people who train their new recruits. The indoor training sessions, held in Gatwick and Birmingham, attracted fundraisers from across the UK to participate in a number of exercises to help their coaching and developing of hundreds of enthusiasts who collect contributions for a variety of worthwhile causes.
The workshop team-leaders were given a variety of problem-solving exercises to help them understand how their team-workers can acquire new skills quickly. The courses used experiential learning techniques to support their difficult task of encouraging strangers in the street to donate to charity.
The regional manager who attended from Belfast says “Our facilitator’s goldfish bowl method allowed us to simultaneously learn and absorb training whilst at the same time retain direction and structure for our work.”
The Managing Director confirmed “We employ passionate people who want to learn in different and challenging ways and who take pride in accountability.”
The course developer, Strategic Management Partners, applied recognised international benchmark standards to ensure its success. The charity is now reviewing its business plan for continued growth as one of the leaders in its field.