Organisations who want to work together for the District Council as part of a new partnership had their first get together last week.
This partnership is called the Local Strategic Partnership. Over 70 representatives attended. They came from community groups, business, social services, police, health, parish, county and district councils, who set up the event.
Bringing together all the relevant bodies who can work together to achieve goals is the first step. A professional facilitator, Clive Bonny, helped the organisation develop the aims of the partnership.
There has been some success already of partnership working such as the Community Safety Partnership, the building of the Fishersgate ‘Dome’ and others.
The Council’s Chief Executive said, “Organisations working together to create a better and more prosperous environment is the way ahead and the council is just one part of that process.
“This seminar helped to show that doing things in partnership makes sense. It ensures a better use of the resources we have and improves the quality of life of the community now and in the future.”