A business breakfast event attracted over twenty senior human resource experts at Tower 42 in central London to hear from the UK head of international human capital advisory services about the challenges and opportunities faced by UK human resource planners in the foreseeable future.
The event included discussions on the latest research concerning the strategic development of people in large companies. Top challenges included internal communications, motivation, employee relations and the retention of staff.
A presentation on the working population age demographics showed that by the year 2008 there would be more employees aged over 39 than under 39. The discussion that followed explored the impact of these demographics on the culture of organisations.
The Managing Director who organised the event, commented “Unless strategists and policymakers share information with each other to keep in touch with these significant changes to employment patterns there is a high risk their long term plans will not relate to their future workforce.”
Attendees debated the effects of these changes on organisation culture and concluded that more effective strategic planning was required to support change, including more use of outsource services.
Participants also commented on the need for more focus on ethical decision-making in large businesses to attract the increasing scarce number of people coming into the jobs market. Attendee Clive Bonny from Strategic Management Partners said “Competition for talent is already very high and employers who demonstrate a close fit with the values of their labour pool will reap the benefits with lower costs of recruitment and higher retention.”