A new qualifications toolkit has been launched to help employers attract and keep key workers in business and financial services. The toolkit is called Benchmarking Excellence. It will make it easier for employers to set quality standards at work. It will also enable employees to have their work quality recognised in line with national standards. By creating a route to recognised qualifications more people will be motivated to stay with their employer.
The toolkit has been developed by employers who have been recognised nationally as successful in attracting and developing their staff. Working in partnership with a national training organisation they have produced a simple guide to improve skills which are vital to business success such as customer service. The toolkit can be adapted by managers to improve the way they recruit and develop their teams. It also acts as a guide to improve personal learning plans and career progression.
The toolkit is being launched for employers at a Benchmarking Forum at Northbrooke College Worthing December 12, sponsored by the Learning and Skills Council. Northbrooke have been granted new status as a centre of vocational excellence.
Directors and managers are being invited to review the opportunities the toolkit creates for improving service quality. Clive Bonny, one of the project managers, says “Many employers have found it difficult to link internal quality standards with a national accreditation system. This toolkit bridges the gap. It will improve service quality and give staff more recognition for jobs well done. And it offers a framework which can be adapted by managers for different needs.”