A legal time-bomb has been announced at a conference on Diversity. A diverse range of business managers, voluntary groups and public sector representatives sparked disclosures and debate about the risks and rewards on forthcoming employment equality regulations. New legislation is widening liability for discrimination in cases of sexual harassment. There are no upper limits on financial penalties against employers and employees who fail to comply.
Conference speaker Clive Bonny said, “It is insufficient to have anti-harassment policies and procedures in place. There must be supporting actions at work. Employers can make people aware of the risks of inappropriate remarks about people’s sexual orientation.”
Participants at the event drew up a list of steps to enable employers to address issues. They also discussed the opportunities and benefits arising from a case study presented by IBM’s Manager of Europe and South Africa.
The conference organiser is now arranging for those concerned to take more positive steps to approach diversity, saying “We can combat current recruitment and retention problems with immediate practical actions to encourage inclusion at work. Employers who act now will avoid legal risks and obtain the rewards of a wider talent pool.”