More than a dozen experienced store detectives gathered round to share stories of good battling evil during an interactive workshop held at one of the largest retail stores in the UK. In telling tales of heroism against theft and fraud they learnt how to make safety messages more memorable for their customers and partners in crime.
Uniformed and plain clothes detectives from The John Lewis Partnership described dangerous criminal incidents in which they had to react coolly and quickly to defuse. The workshop was facilitated by a member of the Fraud Advisory Panel, Clive Bonny, whose customers have won awards for innovations in learning.
Bonny explained, “Story telling is the oldest form of human learning. Without it the human race would not have survived and evolved. It motivates people by publicising their success whilst giving them good practice in group presentation skills. And listeners learn more effectively because stories combine real situations with interesting detail on what works best and how to do it. Yet it is often overlooked by employers as a development tool. It can be fast and cost-effective when a few simple ground-rules are followed.”
The security specialists who attended the workshop commented, “Talking through reasons behind actions and relaying our experiences helped the group bond. As a result we are now working to develop a security charter to help our customers and partners apply the learning we have shared to fight crime together and make our stores a safe place to shop.”