A consortium of imaginative marketeers have stimulated debate about the future of Brighton and Hove City brand. Their presentations at the Brighton College City Forum to local community leaders prompted the audience to unlock their own views about the current City brand and how it should be in the future. Over fifty people shared their perceptions, comparing the brand with colours, shapes, sounds, creatures and other unusual attributes.
The audience feedback demonstrated the creativity and diversity of local thinking, linking fireworks, waves, seagulls, cappuccinos, lions, and musical sounds with blue, green, pink and yellow. They concluded that the future brand should be modern, lively, outward-looking and inward conscious. The Council’s senior management team participated in the presentations involving people from all walks of life in the City.
Presenters Clive Bonny, Linda Hodgson, Graeme Hodges and Richard Wolfstrome showed how they had supported famous brands such as Apple, Carlsberg, Virgin, Sony, Shell and Brighton Festival. Bonny said “The future of our City brand should reflect the diversity of the people who live here and the expectations of our visitors. We should let more people have their say about their brand in a way which reflects what they value.”
The host of the City Forum, Anthony Seldon, welcomed further debate saying “Brighton is a City of extraordinary contrasts and our brand needs to communicate this in the international arena.”