A new short training programme has been offered to enable busy people to improve their skills without taking a day off work. The “Bitesize Workout” format of just two hours allowed people to fit a practical skills workout into their busy day to day schedules. People had a choice of timing from 8-10am or 12-2pm or 4-6pm allowing access for people who cannot normally find time for structured self-development.
The courses were tailored to suit individual needs and could be run onsite or offsite to suit employer needs. Learning materials were offered in advance so participants could create their own objectives and come prepared. Topics covered a wide range of skills in managing people, customers and technology. Some places were sponsored by the Learning and Skills Council and were offered free.
The aim was to fast track skills improvements so people could develop their roles for wider and more interesting work. There were also opportunities on offsite courses for attendees to network with people from different sectors of the community whom they would not normally meet. Training locations were close to where people live and work to reduce travel time and cost.
Bitesize Workout designer Clive Bonny said “These courses were a unique chance for employers who cannot usually afford the cost of people being absent on day-long courses. They could even have different people attend three or four courses onsite in a single day. Multi-skilling makes an organisation more flexible and it motivates people by helping them develop their roles. The Interviewing workshop for example focused on how to ask sensitive questions. This skill can help people in many situations ranging such as working with the public, selling, service support or recruiting and appraising staff.”
The course designers themselves were involved in their delivery to ensure high quality in the short time available.